21st Birthday Dresses

How to choose your 21st Birthday Dress

Your 21st Birthday is a big day ! You have been looking forward to it for a long time and you are looking forward to the big party.

We are here to help you with planning and tips to find the best birthday dress, without getting stressed.

  • Start thinking about it 3-6 months in advance.  Look online at Vogue or Style.com21st_birthday_gold_dress for the latest designer collections to get some inspiration.  The shows are 6 months ahead of the date that the clothes come out in the shops. You will have plenty of time to browse carefully and spot your favorite items. Choose a dress among the key pieces of summer clothes for women.
  • Once you select a few dresses, save the pictures on a file for easy reference, you will need them soon.
  • With the selected photos on hand, or on your phone, or tablet, start browsing shops online and on the streets, 2 months earlier. Allow yourself 4-6 weeks before you make your final decision. Most shops will have the latest fashion by now and most likely you will find a dress similar to the designer one you selected a few months ago, at a local boutique or department store.
  • Buy your dress at least 2-3 weeks in advance so you have the rest of the time to think about hair, make up and accessories. If there is an accessory you fancy, you can put it in your list for gifts for 21st birthday.



Dress styles that will make you shine among the many options of 21st Birthday Dresses

What you need for your 21st Birthday is a dress that is fresh, fun and sparkly ! 21st_birthday_black

You don’t want to appear like a teenager, neither like a 30 year old.  You need to show your love for life and adventure, you need to shine! Here are some suggestions:

  • Metallic colors. Gold, silver, gunmetal, bronze, are just some of the options
  • Sequins. As a detail on your dress or all over for that extra sparkle!
  • Low back. Choose a dress that appears low key at the front but surprises everyone when you turn your back.
  • Waisted. Full figure dresses with emphasis on the waistline.
  • Bright colors.  The best way to show your fun side, is by choosing a bright colored dress.
  • Black or white with metallic details.  If you are a classic type of girl, choose a black or white dress with some added sequin details to shine!




Styling suggestions for all 21st Birthday Dresses

21st_birthday_beige_black_dressYou found your dress so now what ? Look through yours, your mom’s, your sister’s and your best friends’ wardrobes, for the ultimate accessories.

Look again for inspiration on fashion magazines and blogs, see how dresses similar to yours are styled.

Choose discreet jewelry, a matching overcoat and bag and spend extra time to find the perfect shoes. You want to have fun and dance at your party so if you are not used  to wearing high heels, follow our next tip:  Wear your new shoes everyday for 30 minutes at home for a week before the party. That way the day of the party you will feel comfortable enough to walk, dance, and be the queen of the night !




Make up and hair tips to make you shine in your 21st Birthday Dress


Your hair will require minimum effort if they are healthy and shiny.  Choose a simple hair style or just leave them down naturally. No need to do anything too fancy, as you want to feel free and not worry about your hair all night.

Make up is also best to stay minimal, with just some extra shine in the form of shimmer products that will give you an extra glow. Mascara and lipstick are essential.